Case Study

Growing Membership

When the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) came to MSP in 1996, its membership of 200 professionals was declining. MSP quickly ascertained that its membership structure was too exclusive and, in fact, was turning potential members off—and away.

Our Approach:

We worked with ASCA’s leadership to develop a strategic plan, create a new membership structure, and launch its Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA) program—the highest level of professional designation for arborists.

The strategic plan included:

  • Rebranding ASCA—A dynamic branding plan was created; we redesigned ASCA’s collateral and website and created effective systems to service members and communicate with them.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness—We created a marketing plan that included an advertising campaign that resulted in stronger brand visibility and recognition across markets. Additionally, ASCA began to exhibit regularly at industry trade shows and position its members as “the Consultant” for a variety of other professions, which has increased referrals for its members.
  • Industry Collaboration—ASCA receives additional visibility by collaborating with regional arboricultural associations for ASCA meetings. The regional groups help promote the events to their own membership (helping to increase ASCA’s reach), and ASCA provides the members of those organizations with discounted rates to the events.


Our Success:

Membership has tripled in spite of a generational turnover and CEU requirements that necessitate dropping members who do not meet the threshold.


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