Case Study

Building Robust Certification Programs

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Certified Water Technologist (CWT) is a program that requires recertification every five years. When MSP started managing AWT, there was a lack of industry awareness of the CWT, and the recertification process was long and cumbersome.

Our Approach:

To overcome these hurdles, MSP:

  • Helped AWT expand recognition of CWTs by conducting an awareness campaign with facilities managers about the value of hiring a CWT.
  • Worked with several states to have the CWT included as a requirement in their bid specs.
  • Created easy-to-follow handbooks that give step-by-step instructions about the process, and designed an online system that makes it easier for individuals to submit and track their CEUs.


Our Success:

The number of CWTs has doubled since we began working with AWT.


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