Financial Management

Financial Management

MSP takes a business approach when it comes to our financial support. This approach is reflected in our commitment to carefully controlling our expenses, soliciting quotes from multiple vendors for major purchases, and tracking financial activity on a per project/per program basis. Assets are managed in coordination with the advice of each association’s independent auditors or reviewers. Our conservative approach to managing our clients’ finances has resulted in consistently meeting and/or exceeding financial goals.

MSP has the depth of staffing to allow us to implement a segregation of duties so that no one person is solely responsible for managing any client’s funds. Checks and balances are in place throughout the process to ensure that funds are collected, disbursed, and reported accurately. This is accomplished through strategic and sound management and financial practices, which have served our clients well.

Services Include:

Assisting board with the forecasting, budgeting, and managing financial resources.

Maintain AABC accounts.

Processing all revenue and following up on receivables.

Reviewing, verifying, and paying bills.

Reconciling bank account and investment statements.

Preparing financial reports for the board of directors.

Maintaining all financial records in accordance with established accounting principles and applicable IRS regulations.

Working with independent auditors.

Preparing and filing all reports required by the government, including Annual Report filings.